Monday, July 6, 2009

Budget Kitchen Redo

While eventually we would like add an addition and expand our tiny kitchen we just couldn't live with it in its current state any longer.

So with some paint, new flooring, counter tops, a light fixture, 2 yards of striped fabric and quite a bit of scraping, scrubbing and paint striping. We at least have a brighter cleaner looking kitchen.

view from living room... pup wanted the get in on the action

we found the missing 1940s tin cabinet in the attic, lucky for us because that broken wooden one just wasnt working for anyone.

We flipped the upper cabinets sides to give us more room over the larger section of counter top. Also i think it makes the kitchen look larger!

We painted the breaker cover white to match the wall so it didnt stand out quite as much.

funds went to the following.

$17 - new flooring
$32 - new light fixture
$3.95 - blue paint
$32 - white paint (satin, gloss and flat)
$49 - new counter tops
$29 - base board trim
$12 - 2 yards of fabric

coming in just under $175