Monday, September 21, 2009

Windows of Italy

I thought I would share some of my pictures from my recent trip to Italy. the wonderful colors of the windows and flowers are so inspiring to me. I have so many ideas of what to do with there fabulous picture and with these great color combination.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Budget Kitchen Redo

While eventually we would like add an addition and expand our tiny kitchen we just couldn't live with it in its current state any longer.

So with some paint, new flooring, counter tops, a light fixture, 2 yards of striped fabric and quite a bit of scraping, scrubbing and paint striping. We at least have a brighter cleaner looking kitchen.

view from living room... pup wanted the get in on the action

we found the missing 1940s tin cabinet in the attic, lucky for us because that broken wooden one just wasnt working for anyone.

We flipped the upper cabinets sides to give us more room over the larger section of counter top. Also i think it makes the kitchen look larger!

We painted the breaker cover white to match the wall so it didnt stand out quite as much.

funds went to the following.

$17 - new flooring
$32 - new light fixture
$3.95 - blue paint
$32 - white paint (satin, gloss and flat)
$49 - new counter tops
$29 - base board trim
$12 - 2 yards of fabric

coming in just under $175

Monday, June 22, 2009

Recycled Sunburst Mirror

I have always wanted one of these antique sunburst mirrors and I keep falling in love with the ones that are well over $900 at antique dealers, and while
I have seen them for under $500 at home stores for a decent ones. I still think that is just a bit over budget for a mirror. So i thought Id try to make one on the cheep.
So for under 6 dollars I have one.

So for $3.89 in spray paint
$.99 for the mirror
$.99 for the wooden base

For the dowels I rolled magazines around a chopstick and rubber cemented to secure them shut. Then cut them the sizes I needed.
Next I routed the back side of the wooden base in a half inch to give the mirror a little shelf to sit on, then hot glued all the dowels in place.

Next I spray painted the color of choice and glued the mirror on the front and I had myself semi-recycled sunburst mirror.


Hello and Welcome!

Stayed tuned in for New ways to create, reuse, and re-purpose many things for the home and life.

As well as items of note, love, and lust I come across on my everyday journeys thru life and life on the web.