Monday, June 22, 2009

Recycled Sunburst Mirror

I have always wanted one of these antique sunburst mirrors and I keep falling in love with the ones that are well over $900 at antique dealers, and while
I have seen them for under $500 at home stores for a decent ones. I still think that is just a bit over budget for a mirror. So i thought Id try to make one on the cheep.
So for under 6 dollars I have one.

So for $3.89 in spray paint
$.99 for the mirror
$.99 for the wooden base

For the dowels I rolled magazines around a chopstick and rubber cemented to secure them shut. Then cut them the sizes I needed.
Next I routed the back side of the wooden base in a half inch to give the mirror a little shelf to sit on, then hot glued all the dowels in place.

Next I spray painted the color of choice and glued the mirror on the front and I had myself semi-recycled sunburst mirror.

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